Where to Bring Single Filipino Women for a Beach Getaway

Taking Single Filipino Women in Cebu Philippines

If you happen to be an adventurous individual filled with beach wanderlust, then you must have heard of the top-tier Anse Source D’Argent beach in Seychelles and the most sought-after Reethi Rah beach in Maldives. These two are just among the hundreds of most photographed and top-famous beaches around the world. As much as you wanted to travel in the many popularly-known beach destinations around the globe together with your single Filipino women, it is a much pretty idea to visit those wonderful beaches in Philippines’ Queen City of the South, Cebu.
Filled with a high-level of historicity, Cebu is indeed the kind of Asian city you must not take for granted. It banners not just its set of exotic food or its stunning single Filipino women; it is also highly-proud of its exquisite beach destinations that will surely bring extra amazement on your adventurous psyche. To know these gem-like beaches in Cebu where you can take your gorgeous Cebuana for a date, carefully read these things below:
  • Virgin Island in Bantayan Island, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Virgin Island Bantayan
Located at the northern part of Cebu, Virgin Island in Bantayan is indeed jaw-dropping and heart-capturing. Undeniably, the powdery and intensely-white sand of this island is the element that allows its beauty to surpass all other white sand beaches in Cebu. To say that this beach destination is beautiful is an understatement—it is actually a jewel to behold and a paradise to uphold. This beach destination is visited by numerous local and foreign tourists since it is accessible, cost-efficient and magnificent. Precious as this island in Cebu, Cebu women are not just great dates; they are committed and loving wives as well. Dating in Virgin Island will surely give you and your date a wonderful experience since the said island has pleasant and superb surroundings. To experience the island’s beauty by yourself, book a plane ticket to Cebu now and visit it right away.
  • Sumilon Island in Oslob, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Sumilon Island
Known as the first marine protected area in the Philippines, Sumilon Island is both a beach destination and a paradise combined into one. It is located at the southeastern portion of Oslob, a town in Cebu which also boasts of its gigantic and friendly whale sharks. What makes Sumilon Island unique is its sandbar which has varying shapes and veering locations depending on the season. Moreover, this island is not only popular locally but also internationally; this is because of its four major dive sites which all possess exceptional beauty. If you ever wanted to have a wonderful beach adventure together with your Cebuana diving tandem, consider visiting Sumilon Island now and get yourself in awe of this exquisite beach destination.
  • Hermit’s Cove in Aloguinsan, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Hermit's Cove Aloguinsan
If you’re up for a long road trip and have a relaxing beach getaway with your Cebuana date, then do consider visiting Hermit’s Cove in Aloguinsan, Cebu. This beach is a secluded travel destination which is really far from the hustle-bustle of city living. Indeed, this island is seemingly a hidden paradise where you get to travel a long and narrow way just to finally witness its undying beauty firsthand. Dubbed as the “untouched paradise of Cebu”, Hermit’s Cove got its name from a mystical history. More than a hundred years ago, it was believed that a hermit inhabited the said area, thus causing numerous mysteries within this wonderful aquatic scenery. This beach destination is perfect for travelers who love serenity and calmness over intense nightlife. Wherever your journey for international dating would take you, always include Hermit’s Cove in your bucket list.
  • Santiago Bay Resort in Camotes Island, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Santiago Bay Camotes
Situated in Camotes, a  tranquil island within Cebu, Santiago Bay Resort is a spectacular beach destination. Having a long, white shoreline and calm waters, this beach resort is widely-visited by foreigners and locals alike. Although the island of Camotes is quite far from the city area, the resort’s amenities are never outdated as it offers both standard and deluxe services for its visitors. To add up, Santiago Bay Resort is a 2.5 hectare of lush greenery, making its surroundings attractive and natural-looking. It offers jet ski services, banana boat rides, and other fun activities that would serve as a plethora of bonding for you and your gorgeous Cebuana date. Visit this right away and be amazed at the resort’s excellent view!
  • Maravilla Beach Resort in Tabuelan, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Maravilla Tabuelan
Bannering its turquoise waters and unperturbed surroundings, Maravilla Beach Resort in Tabuelan, Cebu is seemingly a treasure chest. It has not been too long since this beach destination was discovered since Tabuelan is a secluded town in the northwestern part of Cebu. As it is a public beach resort, there is basically NO entrance fee and everything inside the resort (tent rentals, food stalls, etc.) are all cost-efficient. Whenever you decide to bring your Cebuana girlfriend to this travel destination, always be reminded of the resort’s major rule: LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT). Maravilla Beach Resort puts a great importance on environmental care; thus, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility must be exercised as you visit there. The said beach destination has a lot to offer, from its captivating view up to its host of water adventures. Why don’t you try snorkeling here with your Cebuana date?
  • Lambug Beach Resort in Badian, Cebu
Dating in Cebu Lambug Badian
Boasting of its vast swathe of white sand and inviting waters, Lambug Beach Resort in Badian, Cebu is another aquatic destination you should not miss. Located at the southeastern part of Cebu, Badian is abundant in aquatic sceneries such as amazing waterfalls and serene beaches. Just like Maravilla Beach Resort, Lambug is also a public beach where affordability and natural beauty are at hand. Considering the traffic jam in Cebu, it would barely take 3-4 hours from the city area to arrive in Badian. Meanwhile, Lambug Beach Resort is still a 400-meter walk from the parking lot to a footpath being cut out through cornfields and muddy soil. Although you’ll get to have that “muddy experience” before getting into the beach itself, the kind of beauty you’ll witness is priceless and irreplaceable. Bring your Cebuano woman here and have a peaceful and calm overnight stay in Badian.
  • Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal
Dating in Cebu Basdaku Moalboal
Popularly-known for having a one-kilometer stretch of white sand beach, Basdaku Beach Resort in Moalboal, Cebu is no longer a stranger to local tourists in the Philippines. Regardless of the season, both local and foreign tourists rush to the said beach resort due to its crystal-clear and pristine waters, silky-white shoreline, accessible beach amenities, and so on. What’s more amazing about this beach destination is its client-friendliness as it allows tourists to bring and even cook their own food there! As an exchange for this grant, tourists must vow to adhere to the resort’s standard of cleanliness, and that is established through cleaning all the mess you’ve made before leaving. Moreover, you can have a wonderful and lively dating experience here with your beautiful Cebuano girl through the resort’s varied water adventures: outrigger boating, kayaking, beach volleyball, snorkeling, surf fishing, kite surfing and a lot more. What else could you ask for?
  • Tingko Beach Resort in Alcoy
Dating in Cebu Tingko Alcoy
This is the most unique type of beach destination in Cebu as it proudly displays a very distinctive sand color—pale brown. With a very long shoreline visibly extending to the blue waters of Alcoy, this beach resort is indeed a must-visit one. The town of Alcoy in Cebu also offers countless tourist destinations such as its lush mountains and greeneries, antique churches, and its great host of flora and fauna. Indeed, your date with your Cebuana girl will always be memorable as you get to experience plenty of things in this southern town of Cebu.
These are the top 7 most exquisite beach destinations in Cebu where you can spend romantic moments with your Cebuana date. Before visiting this wondrous Asian city, you may read some helpful facts about its history and culture in order to have a smooth-sailing travel experience. Afterwhich, consider booking a plane ticket to Cebu and visit these travel destinations. Certainly, a perfect beach getaway in Philippines’ Queen City of the South is at hand!


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